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Features & Benefits​

 Learn 3-dimensional body in 3D VR itself.
Hands-on Skills Training with Photorealistic 3D.
 Safe environment for learning and practicing.

Ease of visualization for better comprehension.

Admin dashboard for managing student logins,
assessments, and other analytics.

Wireless: Get rid of the cables and bulky laptops!


Human Anatomy

An interactive and in-depth learning of all the systems of human anatomy.


It contains learning and practicing of Advanced Nursing Procedures such as Catheterization, Oxygen Administration, Infusion Pump, Lumbar puncture, and many more.


Learning with step-by-step practicing of physiotherapy modules.

Dental Anatomy

It includes select modules of human anatomy for the head & neck region, dental anatomy, and 3 Pre-Clinical procedures.

Custom Training

Have different training in mind? We will build a standalone product. Let’s discuss.

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frequently asked questions

Even though VR is a one-to-one device, you do not need a VR headset for every trainee. We recommend 5 devices for a group of 40 people. Individual logins make it easier to keep track of each trainee and can be managed with fewer headsets.

DeftXR team would set up end to end solution at your place, and make it running in just a few days. DeftXR is cross-platform and works on the latest Oculus (Quest, Quest 2, Rift S) and HTC headsets. If you already have VR headsets and want to be sure of compatibility, chat with our sales team member.

Of course! We strive to improve software, user experience. We keep on adding new features periodically and provide software updates that you can download easily on your headsets.

We are constantly upgrading our learning and skilling modules. Apart from the products available above, our team is working on new procedures and modules on BLS/ACLS, CPR & First Aid, Emergency Medicine, Nursing. We are happy to add in customized modules on request.

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